I Want To Be A Don - Ebook

I Want To Be A Don Front

I Want To Be A Don - Ebook

Published: 2012
Product Category: Fiction

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I Want to be a Don is the coming of age story of its main character, Troy, who lives in the rural community of Cuttlebung with his mother and brother Chad. The two become fast friends with Mel, Max, Luke and Foodie and eventually form a childhood gang, which though initially harmless, slowly evolves into something more. After his father abandons the family, Troy’s mother struggles to make ends meet and fulfill her deepest desire; which is to see her sons receive an education that will enable them to rise above the poverty and illicit influences that eventually surround them. Fed up with his living situation, watching his mother struggle to feed them and craving the power to change it; Troy struggles to remain on the straight and narrow and eventually becomes involved in il­legal activities.

The once sleepy rural community has been infiltrat­ed by a notorious downtown don and familiar smiles are replaced with strange faces, guns, drugs, corruption and eventually, murder. Will Troy be able to overcome his thirst for power and make his mother proud? Will religion be his savior, as it is for his mother and brother? Or will he succumb to the negative influences that surround him every day

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H.E. Palmer