Can The Future Be Discovered?

Can the Future Be Discovered

Can The Future Be Discovered?

Published: 2012
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Can the future be discovered? is the sequel to the ground-breaking publication, Discovering the Future, which spoke to the development of science and technology in Jamaica. However this follow up publication uses Jamaica as a model in exaining the role of science, technology and innovation (STI) can play in promoting sustaining development. The publication engages readers in an effor to deternin whether developing countries have sufficiently harnessed the advancements made to ‘leapfrog its development’. The book also defines ‘the future’ from scientific, philosophical and technological perspectives and examines concepts and methods such as Futurism and foresighting and how they could help developing countries move toward the future. Compiled by a highly qualified trio in the persons of renown Caribbean scientist Dr. Henry I.C. Lowe; sustainable development expert, Richard Kelly; and STI academic Prof Anthony Clayton, Can the Future be Discovered? is a must read not only for academicians, policy makers and STI professionals but for the general reader interested in the way forward for the society in the dynamic era.

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