The Making of A Great Salesman


The Making of A Great Salesman

Product Category: Non-Fiction


The Making of a Great Salesman provides guidance, insight and inspiration to everyone who wants to become great in the career of sales. The book is a resource material and workbook that provides a wealth of information on what it takes to become a great salesman upon starting the journey and cutting-edge strategies for greatness. It provides information on how to master the art of salesmanship and how to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones. The book is creatively and attractively designed to facilitate ease of reading and it addresses every aspect of sales that is necessary for your career success. The strategies outlined have been proven and tried and reinforces the fact that greatness is possible in sales.

  • Author: Donovan S. Brown
  • Number of Pages: 119
  • ISBN: 976 - 8246 - 59 - 2
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Size: 6x9 inches

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Donovan Brown