Kingston Public Hospital

Kingston Public Hospital

Kingston Public Hospital

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“I commend this initiative to document the proud history as well as the tremendous and invaluable service provided by the Kingston Public Hospital. Over th Jamaicans from all strata of the society
have witnessed the hospital’s development and transformation and can testify to the quality health care service that continues to be provided by hardworking and dedicated medical professionals and
non-medical staff. The Government of Jamaica will continue to invest in the provision of the best health care system for the Jamaican people and therefore support the strategies of this hospital designed to maintain and sustain effective anp efficient service. It is commendable that the staff and administrators of the KPH have not allowed the many challenges to weaken their performance, but have instead significantly improved standards in order to provide the best health care opportunities for all Jamaicans. Its is my sincere wish that the Kingston Public Hospital continues in this progressive direction as together we seek to improve the quality of life for all our people.

  • Author: John Hall, Hector Wynter
  • Number of Pages: 106
  • ISBN: 976 - 610 - 559 - 6
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Size: 8x10 inches