Profile of Excellence

by Ian Boyne

Kingston, Jamaica


It’s a cliché, but one worthy of repetition here: If you fail to plan you plan to fail. That’s true no matter how vivid the mental vision of your strongly desired goal is. Also, without a workable plan to follow, your unstoppable self confidence will be like having a powerful 500 HP Chevrolet Corvette sports car, with the name of your destination, but no map of how to get there—you’ll have a powerful engine and enjoy a comfortable ride but could end up just about anywhere.

The ability to recognize and seize opportunities is also critically important but not sufficient to attain excellent outcomes in your business, career, and personal life. You need a workable plan which charts the path from where you are to where you desire to be.

Your strategic plan is the step-by-step programme to guide you in your day to- day decisions and actions, all aimed at leading you to your long-term vision. Your strategic plan is a carefully crafted blueprint of what to do. It includes a daily and monthly schedule for reaching specific targets and milestones, and alternatives for overcoming the inevitable setbacks and obstacles.

SHELLY-ANN FRASER-PRYCE: Olympic Gold Medalist

Building a Ladder to Her Dreams of Olympic Glory

SHELLY-ANN FRASER-PRYCE: At the time when I was in school and I had early classes like 8:00 a.m., when I leave training and I’m not able to finish my exercises I write them down and I go home; my husband throws me the ball—‘cause there’s a ball exercise I have to do for abs—and he does that with me. I have pushups to do in the nights—I do 20 or 30 pushups before I go to my bed, so I’m highly motivated.

I have a fridge at home that has a lot of post-its on it. They are there to remind me that I need to do this or I need to do that. I try not to leave any stone unturned. I didn’t want when the 2012 Olympics would have been completed I looked back and didn’t get the gold medal and I would sit and say, “You know, it was because I didn’t do that exercise I was supposed to or because I didn’t finish those two workouts that were so crucial.”

IAN BOYNE: So, you’re methodical. You know the devil is in the details. So you work out those things. A problem with many people why they are not successful is that they don’t build a ladder to their success. They have these great dreams but they don’t know how to break them down into manageable portions. But you do that?


IAN BOYNE: You put the post-its to remind you, “I must do this, I must do that. I must watch my weight; I can’t just eat whatever I want, just because I love ice cream and chocolate and all those things.” And to remind you that you can’t stay up late to watch movies…