Las May’s Classic Editorial Cartoons

by Las May

Kingston, Jamaica

In early 2010 the governing Jamaica Labour Party administration became embroiled in what was dubbed the Manatt/Dudus affair. This led to a whirlwind of allegations of misconduct by the opposition People’s National Party and other sections of society.

Eventually this led to the Tivoli incursion in May 2010 and the subsequent capture and extradition of Christopher “Dudus” Coke to the United States. This came at a heavy price, as it was reported that over 70 persons died in that armed conflict between the security forces and citizens of West Kingston.

These sequence of events set in motion, which begun in January 2011, a Commission of Enquiryinto the Manatt/Dudus affair, which became a media soap opera.

Las may commission enquiry manatt dudus affair

Portia Simpson Miller has been president of the People’s National Party (PNP) since February 2006 when she beat Dr Peter Phillips in the party’s internal election. This internal vote was to elect a successor to P.J. Patterson.

Simpson Miller again beat Dr Phillips in September 2008 when he challenged her a second time for the leadership of the PNP. Campaigning has, at times, been ugly and caused a split in the party among the candidates’ supporters. However, it appears wounds are quickly healed after an election.

las may portia simpson miller dr phillips september 2008 pnp challenge