In the Morning Yah

by Sheldon Shepherd

Kingston, Jamaica


Mi lie down in mi bed, listening mi radio an a cool

taking the weather report man for a doggone fool

him say,“Hurricane Gilbert gonna hit us for sure

so we must batten down our windows

we must secure our doors

we must get our supply from the nearby store”

mi just lock off the radio, never waan hear no more

Mi hear, dugu...dugu...dugu...dugu... on mi house top

hear mi little son “daddy what is that...?”

before mi answer him, I really had to think

it sound like ten men with crowbars come to take away the zinc

It look like is true the weather man did a talk

upon my house top Gilbert did a walk

Gilbert wuz ere; Gilbert wuz ere; ere

Gilbert wuz ere; Gilbert wuz ere, ere


Gilbert gone wid mi house top

in a fi mi room rain water start to drop

oh… my Lord! Sorry I didn’t believe

now I am asking you kindly to make Mr. Gilbert leave

Little after that there was a sudden calm,

well, I guess this must be the end of the storm

so I went outside, to have a look around

debris were lying all over the ground, light post fall down

kotch upon one shop

and fallen trees make the road block

Gilbert wuz ere Gilbert wuz ere, ere

Gilbert wuz ere Gilbert wuz ere, ere


But a wha dis mi see coming towards me?

it look like the whole of Kingston City...

phase two a come, come phase two a come... run!

batten down your windows

cause phase two him a come

Phase two tek weh mi light

phase two gone wid mi water

tek weh mi decent chicken dinner

Aids came from left, right and center,

most of the aids came from America...

I don’t mean

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome