Carla Dunbar

Reverend Dr. Carla Dunbar is a widely popular pastor in the Jamaican landscape. Reverend Dunbar was born in Kingston but later moved to Portland at a young age. It was in Portland that she accepted God and where she later rose in the church to lead both the Buff and Orange Bay congregations.

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Ashwell Thomas

Ashwell Thomas is a senior management executive with over 30 years experience. He specializes in developing human resources management systems & strategies, process fairness and succession planning models. He has had the privilege to overseeing much of his recommended systems & strategies implemented in a number of regional and international organizations with exceptional results.

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Dr. Henry Lowe

Dr. Henry Lowe is a celebrated scientist whose research and innovation has been at the head of Jamaican medical achievements for decades. Born fourth of ten children, Dr. Lowe attended Calabar and Excelsior High Schools, University of the West Indies, (B.Sc. Hons.), University of Sydney, (M.Sc.), Manchester University, (Ph.D.), Bolton Institute of Technology England, (Dip. Technical Education), Harvard University and M.I.T, U.S.A., (Post Doctoral Studies).

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Alverston Bailey

Dr. Alverston Bailey is a prominent family physician. He operates a family practice at the Water Square Medical Centre in Falmouth and he was the former head of the Medical Association of Jamaica.

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