Book/Journal Scanning

  • No need to unbound the books for scanning.
  • Our book scanning service preserves the binding and integrity of your books, journals, magazines and reports.
  • We provide a full colour, high resolution scan of your publication.

Searchable PDF

  • Each scan can become a 'Searchable PDF.'
  • PDFs provide higher security, reliability and ease of transit when exchanging documents; while preserving the look and integrity of the original documents, including fonts, graphics, images and layouts.
  • Therefore, these scans are not just images, but editable text documents.
  • Files can be easily viewed, printed, and shared by anyone, across any operating system and application.
  • The Searchable PDF format is a way to easily manage your documents, books and images. It not only enhances your efficiency and future optimization, but also keeps you connected with your information and knowledge at all times.