Caribbean Herbs for Diabetes Management

Caribbean Herbs

Caribbean Herbs for Diabetes Management

Published: 2012
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The use of medicinal plants with anti-diabetic properties may prove useful for the management of the disease. The Caribbean is known to have numerous medicinal plants with anti-diabetic properties, some with proven scientific data and others widely used as folklore remedies. However, it is very important to note that even though some medicinal plants may be reported to have some anti-diabetic property, it is imperative to highlight that unless scientifically and clinically validated, “herbal therapies” should not be used as a substitute for conventional therapy.

Therefore, herbal remedies should not be viewed as an effective substitute for conventional agents such as oral hypoglycemics and insulin for the management of diabetes. However, the exploitation of Caribbean medicinal plants with anti-diabetic properties, validated with strong scientific data can be utilized towards the development of pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical products.

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Dr. Henry Lowe

Prof. Errol Morrison

Perceval Bahado-Singh

Cliff Riley