About Us

Pelican Publishers Limited is a modern, vanity publishing house which offers four main services namely:


Our publishing services encapsulate all the processes involved in converting a manuscript- and sometimes even just an idea, into a book. These include editing, proofreading, design and layout and cover design, etc.

Publishing, however, is not an end in itself and the consumerable products are books and magazines of which we have. (Yearbooks and annual reports are to be added as of 2016). Our books which are diverse, interesting and well written are by authors of repute and authenticity in the subject areas they write on. To date, we have mainly focused on our niche area of ‘wellness publishing’ but we have been expanding to include educational, children and specialty publications such as cook books.

Graphic Design

Formally defined as: ‘communication design’; at Pelican we offer the full complement of the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Our rote designs include: logos, business cards, product labels, letter heads, product brochures and catalogues, info graphics, etc.


Some of the services which we offer in this area are: branding, press release development, proposal writing, image creation, marketing/sales collateral construction; copy editing and production.

Digital Archiving

For digital archiving, we convert paper files and books into digital content and offer storage or content hosting.


To be the Caribbean’s premier publisher both in print and digital.


To maintain a happy, safe and appealing environment for our staff and clients.

To devote the time, energy & creativity to ensure that all our publications and other creations are completed par excellence.

To represent our authors with distinction while educating the population in the most effective ways in keeping with advances in technology.

To establish our niche as a wellness publisher.


Innovate. Create. Communicate.


Pelican’s core values are aligned along a tried and proven philosophy of value and respect for fellow human beings - keeping in mind that charity begins at home. We believe that:

  1. Employees are valuable
  2. Valued employees are dependable
  3. Dependable employees are dedicated
  4. Dedicated employees provide the most excellent customer service

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Henry Lowe, Pelican has since published over 50 book titles and 37 magazine issues to date. Our quarterly magazine, the Caribbean Wellness & Lifestyle (CWL) magazine is one of our mainstay publications - having published 33 issues to date. In addition to CWL magazine, we also publish I DO Jamaica magazine (formerly the Jamaica Bridal Expo magazine) annually, as well as other annual magazines which are created for expos such as the Property Expo Magazine. In February of this year we will launch our other official in house magazine - Island Drive.

Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Juno Gayle
  • Mr. Sydney Lowrie
  • Dr. Herbert Lowe
  • Dr. Henry Lowe
  • Mrs. Novlet Deans
  • Mr. Richard Kildare